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Chemical Protection


Safety, hygiene and emergency response professionals need products that enhance and improve their respiratory protection programs, while wearers want comfort and performance. 3M offers the best of both worlds.


Chemical suits

When it’s time to use fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides?

Chemical protective clothing that is constructed from materials which allow the clothing to be cleaned after repeated chemical exposures such that it remains suitable for continuous use. Chemical protective clothing for limited wear life usage, i.e. to be worn until hygienic cleaning becomes necessary or chemical contamination has occurred and disposal is required. This includes protective clothing for single use and for limited re-use according to the information supplied by the manufacturer.

Chemical Coveralls

Lightweight chemical protection overall made from sturdy material with high degree of resistance to chemicals. The overall and the seams are waterproof. Full overall is with infection protection from blood and viruses.


Biological/Chemical/ Radioactive Suits

These garments made with Tychem F provide strong, lightweight liquid splash protection for law enforcement, emergency medical services (EMS) technicians and military personnel responding to incidents that may involve chemical, biological or radioactive agents.

Encapsulated Suits

This Suit full protection suit is a reusable chemical protection suit for providing protection from many different chemicals and hazardous substances. Unlike protection suits that are worn with a compressed air breathing device, this suit is ventilated by an internal breathing air fan.


Hazmat Boots

The rubber boots that emergency personnel wear when responding to situations where hazardous materials (HazMat) are present may be functional, but they're not very comfortable. New research coming out of North Carolina State University hopes to provide a next generation HazMat boot that meets both criteria


Gloves-Chemical / Neoprene

The glove also provides four times as much puncture resistance as comparable gloves made from natural latex, and is three times stronger than a similar glove made from Neoprene.Powder-free, green, extremely good wet grip properties. Supplied in dispenser containing 100 gloves.


Training Suits

We have training suits for Police, paramilitary, military and sports personals


Chemical Resistant Aprons

Aprons are synthetic rubber/neoprene coated and are acid-resistant, alcohol-resistant and have a better oil-resistance than natural rubber.


Chemical Resistant Rain Coats

These coats feature a hood in collar, Velcro wrist adjusters and pockets (2), non-conductive zipper front with dual over-flies and snaps, fall protections access with welt and inner cuffs. To further increase the usefulness and safety advantages of this arc flash coat,


Decontamination Tents

Erected in seconds due to normal commercial breathing air cylinder or an electric Blower.Built-in shower strip with nine spray nozzles, Stopcocks and Geka connections. Available in different Size & capacities.Built-in shower strip with nine spray nozzles,.


Decontamination Equipment Trailers

Emergency Safety Showers

Light and compact to transport, yet still ready for use in an instant. Specially for decontaminating NBC carriers. Decontamination can be carried out without the need for additional personnel.


Emergency Eye Wash Stations

fcbffbfbbfStainless combination shower eye wash, which well accord with lustration grade, is the same with semiconductor, laboratory, and medical treatment etc., the professional locale. . The whole body is made of stainless steel, which well be accord with the lustration grade, firm and resistant chemical. . Eye wash is suitable for cleaning eyes, face and hands; the spray head can be use of washing the whole body. . Eye wash and spray shower can be used at the same time, also separately use. . Switch of the spray shower is controlled by the top of the handle; the flow is steady and ample. . Height of the bowl is condign, a couple water bore supply is humanistic design, the height and angle design is according to the proportion of the face.


Eye Wash Solutions

Eyewash is a fluid, commonly saline, used in the aid of rinsing of the eye. Eyewash may also describe the apparatus used to physically wash the eyes in the case that they may be contaminated by foreign materials or substances.



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