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Fall Protection Systems

Full body Harness

GENERAL SPECIFICATION:- It should be useful for safe working on Heights & protection against fall. The shoulder and thigh straps should be easily identified by two different colours. It should be Fabricated for high shock absorbing and impact dispersing capacity while working-before, during and after a fall. It should have a specially designed seat strap for optimum comfort. It should have Energy Absorbing Dorsal ID.

Special Seat Belts

Industrial Belts These extremely strong, continuous slings can save lives during operations. Because of their small dimensions and light weight, they can be carried at all times in a multifunction holster, for example. Useful for rescuing injured persons, for self-anchoring or as an additional aid when using various tools


Lanyards can consist of ropes or straps and serve direct connection of the catching eyelet of a harness with the fastening point. Lanyards must always include a fall arrester or be used with a fall arrester, respectively, since otherwise the forces arising represent to a high a strain for body and equipment. The maximum length of a connector including fall arrester is 2 m.

Carabineers, Hooks

Made from Perlon with two karabiners. The carrying line is secured to the rescue rope bag using the karabiners. The bag can then be carried on the back, at the front or over the shoulder.

Safety Ropes, Life Lines, Rope Grabs

It uses and performance capabilities are described, under no circumstances shall the products are used by untrained or unqualified individuals and not until the product instructions including any warnings or cautions provided have been thoroughly read and understood. Only they contain the complete and detailed information concerning proper use and care of these products.

Shock Absorbing Lanyards

These lanyards are extremely durable and powerful. Experience, innovation, and the latest technology are combined in these lanyards for your safety. These contain a unique system in which the shock absorber runs over the entire length of the device. They work positioning ropes also hold up to the heaviest of loads.

Anchorage Connectors, Grip Anchors, Roof Anchor System

The third component of a personal fall arrest system is the Anchorage/Anchorage Connector. An anchorage, commonly referred to as a tie-off point, may be an I-beam, column, rebar, scaffolding, or other structural member. An anchorage connector is used to join the connecting device to the anchorage when a direct connection does not exist. It is important to select the proper anchorage/anchorage connector for ultimate safety. Anchorages and anchorage connectors must be easily accessible, capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. of force per worker, and they must be located high enough for a worker to avoid contact with a lower level should a fall occur.

Nylon Web Ladders

Each 19 1/2 ft. olive green NYLON WEB LADDER is constructed of 1 3/4" heavy duty nylon webbing with super heavily reinforced quality stitching. Ladder width is 19 1/2". One could fasten some hardwood doweling or heavy gauge lightweight aluminum tubing to the web rails to enhance this even more and end up with a semi rigid ladder.

Rope Ladders

[a] Telescopic ladder: - The practical, flexible and extremely compact solution for working heights of up to 4.40 m. This patented ladder can be conveniently pushed together and therefore easily transported, even if little space is available

Body Positioning Belts

Type I belts can help maintenance or industrial workers at heights stabilize their work position. As a positioning device, the belt must be anchored to a structure so a worker cannot free fall more than two feet. Single D-Ring Belt has full ring in center of back. Double D-Ring Belt has one full ring on each side. Both belts are available with full 3in W nylon back pad for support. Body belts are not acceptable as part of a personal fall arrest system in the construction industry. 29 CFR 1926.502 (d).

…Items related to fall Protection Systems

Tension belt: - Ratchet lashing strap for securing loads. Width 50 mm, length 5000 mm, maximum load. 2500 kg.

  • Replacement for double-legged shock-absorbing lanyards
  • Easy-to-use and assemble/disassemble


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