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Thermal Imagers & Search Cams

Thermal Imaging

Tactical Surveillance System is used to maintain visual dominance while gathering intelligence in potentially dangerous situations. A high resolution improved illumination and audio module at the end of a 9-foot articulating pole provide convert video and audio from areas where it may be for too risky to enter prior to visual verification. The salient articulating pole allows the camera to pass 180o with the simple twist of the grip. The entire system is rugged and weather resistant ensuring reliable operation n in all tactical situations.

The Argus Mi-TIC Imaging and Video Pack

The Argus Mi-TIC Imaging and Video Pack (ARG_MI_IV) is a token that has a unique code that is redeemable via the Argus site to enable the user’s Argus Mi-TIC to record video and capture images, it also offers a black box recording feature, which basically records from switch on to switch off ensuring all data is captured for future reviewing. The camera needs to be placed in its charging station and connected to a PC with internet access to enable the process of upgrading to be complete. The code on the token is underneath a security panel that is scratched off by the consumer.

Receiver Station

The Receiver Station is a PC based system that allows the viewing of the thermal image transmitted from the user's Argus4 for scene analysis and reviewing. The Receiver Station contains a tablet PC with Windows 7 Home Premium that allows for the controlling of many services.

Vibrascope - BVA-6

The Vibrascope BVA-6 comprises a telescopic boom with a camera, able to turn through 360°, fixed to the end and connected to a portable control box with a screen. With the Vibrascope, it is possible to explore the ruins and communicate with a victim via the microphone HP incorporated in the camera.

Victim Location Systems

Fire and Rescue units rely upon the inherent configurability of OUR SYSTEM for collapsed structure rescue and accident victim extrication. Products are designed for maximum portability and robustness to be easily transported to the scene yet stand up to the rigors of rescue operations. This system is portable, adoptable and reliable. Apart from victim location, this CAMERA has the following additional features

Items related to TIC, VLS

A Thermal Imaging Camera (colloquially known as a TIC) is a type of thermo graphic camera used in firefighting. By rendering infrared radiation as visible light, such cameras allow firefighters to see areas of heat through smoke, darkness, or heat-permeable barriers. Thermal imaging cameras are typically handheld, but may be helmet-mounted. They are constructed using heat- and water-resistant housings, and ruggedized to withstand the hazards of fire ground operations. Thermal imaging cameras pick up body heat, and they are normally used in cases where people are trapped were rescuers cannot find them.


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