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Introducing the Vertecon series of high pressure breathing air compressors from the world leader in safe, high pressure breathing air systems. Why buy dressed up old compressor and cabinetry technology? Buy Vertecon and get the latest technological advancements. The Vertecon design is economical, space saving, and allows easy access for routine maintenance.


          Mini Unicus

MINI UNICUS is our budget minded integrated breathing air cylinder recharging system. The system design combines a high pressure compressor, breathing air purification system, air storage system, air management panel and containment fill station. It might be smaller than our UNICUS III series cylinder recharging systems, but MINI UNICUS is not short on features.


      Basic Package II

When your needs dictate a rugged, performance proven package think of this. Our BASIC PACKAGE line of compressors is designed for the application that requires a horizontal configuration built around our line of multistage aircooled compressors and breathing air purification systems. An entry level price point, with many optional upgrades, will satisfy most requirements while also bringing value into the decision making process.


Mini and Maxi Verticus

MINI VERTICUS and MAXI VERTICUS combine compressor, air purification, SECURUS electronic moisture monitoring system and motor in a space saving, sound attenuated vertical cabinet designed to diminish operating sound levels. The MINI VERTICUS sound level is approximately 70 dBA and the MAXI VERTICUS is less than approximately 79 dBA (both at 3ft/ 1meter distance).


        Engine Driven

The ENGINE DRIVEN compressor for recharging SCBA or SCUBA cylinders combines compressor, purification system and engine drive. The frame's rugged design is specific to the requirements of the engine drive/compressor block assembly.



Harsh offshore environment eating up your compressors? We have the solution! The offshore package; a unit designed specifically to combat the rigors encountered in off-shore use.


           Unicus III

UNICUS III cylinder recharging station is THE TOTAL SYSTEM for refilling high or low pressure SCBA or SCUBA cylinders.The integrated system design combines a high pressure compressor, breathing air purification system, air storage system, cascade fill panel and containment fill station into one user friendly workstation. Independently tested for safety,a listed electrical assembly and the proven reputation for superior performance makes the UNICUS III the most advanced fill station available!



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