- Sun India Fire Saftey System

  A One Roof Solution For All Kinds Of Fire Fighting Disaster Management & Rescue Equipments


By entering into our contract,we take the role of an organisation's “competent Fire Safety advisor” as required by Indian Factories Act. Details of our qualifications and experience can be provided for use when tendering for contracts.

The contracts, depending upon the requirement, may include :-

Fire Detection and Alarm System.
> Intelligent Analogue Addressable.
> Conventional.
> Hybrid (mix of above two).
> Gas and Flame Detection Systems.

Fire Fighting Systems.
> Hydrant System.
> Sprinkler System.
> Portable Fire Extinguishers.

Fire Suppression Systems.
> Gas Based Fire Suppression System.
> Water Based Fire Suppression System.
> Hybrid (mix of above two).
> Professional Kitchen fire suppression systems.

Fire Safety Management
Support is offered in all aspects of fire safety management, including:
> Fire risk assessment reviews.
> Fire risk assessment development and advice.
> Fire safety reviews.
> Fire safety plans and emergency response.


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