- Sun India Fire Saftey System

  A One Roof Solution For All Kinds Of Fire Fighting Disaster Management & Rescue Equipments

Hydraulic Platforms


  Aerial Work Platform

With a working height of 9.5m and unmatched manoeuvrability this platform is perfect for maintenance in warehouses and churches. Power: BatteryWorking Height Max: 9.5mPlatform Height Max:7.5mPlatform Capacity: 159KgWeight:370KgWidth: 74cm


    7.8 Metre Electric
         Scissor Lift

Useful in construction industries for faster alteration, demolition and renovation works. A handy tool for Railways, Air Force, Army, Mining and many industries for cutting steel bars, beams, scaffoldings, bricks and other This trailer mounted platform can raise two men to a working height of 17m, with a maximum outreach of 8.7m. Power: Battery / diesel Working Height: 17.1m Platform Height: 15.1m Outreach: 8.7m Platform Capacity: 200Kg Working Width: 4.4m Weight: 1900 Kgwith ease and saving time, labor and money. It gives smooth and sharp edges on cutting - thus additional installation of windows, doors or air conditioners becomes easy. It does not damage adjoining structures. For the Fire Brigade Service it is useful to cut metal, shutter, roof, sheet, bar and similar metal sections as also concrete/RCC and other building material during force-entry in rescue operations.


  12 Metre Tracked Lift

These tracked lifts can go where most others are incapable. They have a working height of 12 metres and a maximum outreach of 6.1 metres. Power: Battery / diesel Working Height: 12.2m Platform Height: 10.2m Outreach: 6.1m Platform Capacity: 200Kg Working Width:3m Weight: 1700 Kg


19 Metre Lorry Mounted Lift

These self drive lifts are ideal for general maintenance, hedge cutting and street light repairs. Power: Battery / diesel Working Height: 19.5m Platform Height: 17.7m Outreach: 8.65m Platform Capacity: 220Kg Working Width:2.2m Weight: 3500 Kg2.2m Weight: 3500 Kg


    15 Metre Boomlift

These versatile boomlifts allow you easy access to the hardest of places. With four wheel drive and oscillating axle they provide outstanding rough terrain performance when you need it. Power: diesel Working Height: 15.24m Platform Height: 13.72m Outreach: 7.67m Platform Capacity: 227Kg Working Width:2.2m Weight: 7484Kg


   20 Metre Boomlift

The largest lift in our fleet with a maximum working height of 20 metres and a maximum outreach of 11.8 metres. Power: diesel Working Height: 20.2m Platform Height: 18.46m Outreach: 11.8m Platform Capacity: 230Kg Working Width:2.45m Weight: 10830Kg



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