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Hydraulic and Rescue Tools

     Hydraulic Pumps
     (Hand Operated)

compact, strong, lightweight 2-stage pump non-toxic mineral oil dipstick included maintenance friendly design


    Hydraulic Pumps
     (Petrol Engine)

Developed to meet the demand for a compact and lightweight duo pump that is also capable of powering two rescue tools simultaneously. With a weight of only 25 kg (so it can be carried by one person), a low noise level of 68 dB(A) and LED lighting above the valve block, the DPU 31 PC Duo Pump more than meets the present day’s rescuer’s requirements. The pump is standard equipped with Holmatro’s revolutionary CORE™ Technology. The effective contents of the oil tank (see table below) is 2490 cc when placed horizontally. Under 20º angle, according to EN 13204: 2190 cc. The sound level mentioned in the table is the sound level at 1 m distance. The sound level with 2 tools at max. pressure at 1 m distance is, according to EN 13204: 80 dB(A).


  Hydraulic Hose Reel

Hose reel centre made of aluminum, side plates made of stainless steel chrome-plated carrying frame with non-slip pads new brake system -blocks the hose reel and prevents the hose from unrolling connection hoses, length 1 m, mounted directly inside the core of the reel hoses can be unrolled under full working pressure


   Hydraulic Hoses

all hoses, both loose (extension) hoses and hoses on hose reels, are provided with anti-kink springs on both ends all hoses have a 4:1 safety ratio - minimum bursting pressure 2880 bar


  Hydraulic Cutters

Cutter specially designed for modern constructions in sills, A-, B- and C-posts of vehicles. Revolutionary 90-degree blade angle results in superior performance: cuts modern vehicle constructions and new hard materials with far more efficiency (at a much lower working pressure / force) than conventional cutters. The result: a lot more excess capacity for future vehicle designs (see graph in Features & benefits). A rescue organisation should choose the 4035 NCT™ II cutter if their main application is vehicle rescue, a CU 4035 GP cutter if they are confronted with a wide variety of applications (see also Norms & performance classes and Features & benefits).



The SP 4240 has a Speed Valve for up to 65% quicker opening of the spreader and a handle with integrated LED lighting (see for more information under Features & benefits). This spreader is standard equipped with CORE Technology (SP 4240 C), but traditional dual hoses are optional (SP 4240).


      Combi Tool

Rescue tool that enables cutting, spreading, squeezing and pulling with one tool. Its unique blade design guarantees a smooth and controlled operation. Especially suitable when there is limited space on the rescue truck. The CT 4150 has the new revolutionary i-Bolt central bolt construction and a handle with integrated LED lighting (see for more information under Features & benefits). This combi tool is standard equipped with CORE™ Technology (CT 4150 C), but traditional dual hoses are optional (CT 4150).


      Concrete Crusher

This heavy-duty concrete crusher is designed to quickly break away large, thick pieces of concrete of collapsed structures. It operates without vibrations, which prevents the risk of a secondary collapse. In addition, it supports a clear view at the rescue scene as it hardly generates any dust. The CC 20 (C) is complementary to other USAR rescue equipment. It is ideally used in combination with (mini) cutters CU 4007 or SMC 4006 for cutting re-bar.


   Rescue Support Bag

Designed to support vehicle extrication operations Includes all assist tools frequently used during this type of operations Designed with the rescuer in mind Lightweight: 1.23 kg Made of high-quality, fire-retardant material Allows easy movement during the rescue operation


      Window Punch

Window punch for safe glass management. Thanks to a spring mechanism the risk of pushing the tool through the glass and, possibly, harm yourself or the victim is fully eliminated. By pulling the rear part backwards and releasing it again vehicle windows are broken in a very controlled manner. With clip for attachment to pockets.


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