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  A One Roof Solution For All Kinds Of Fire Fighting Disaster Management & Rescue Equipments

Turn Table Ladders


MLK4-30 offers high speed rescue performance. A basket with a load capacity of 360 kg is available and it moves up to maximum 30 meters height within 20 seconds. Light weight ladder and body structure reduces its gross vehicle weight and can be installed on to compact 2 axle truck chassis.


MLFL6-50R / 6-50REX

MLF range offers ladders of 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 53 meters heights. "Gyro Turn Table System", which has been recognized as safe and smooth ladder stabilizing mechanism, is installed on all MLF models.For more than a decade now, MLF series has been rated very highly in Japanese market for its safety mechanisms and versatility. And, that is why MLF series is MORITA's basic ladder truck model.


Chemical / Water Tender

MORITA Chemical tender and Water tender are designed to enable easy operation during fire fighting. A PTO driven fire pump is mounted on the vehicle and its design places all its parts in the best proportionate manner and ensures waterway clearance. The body, made from anti-corrosion material, is best suited for activities. Sufficient number of lockers for storing equipment is provided at both sides of the vehicle.


MLT-8M / MR series

RESCUE TRUCK is designed to carry over hundreds of rescue tools to overcome any adversities during rescue operations. The body, made from anti-rust and non-corrosive materials, is rugged designed with suitable ventilation and drains where needed and offers good visibility in front, sides and rear. Its design provides ample storage spaces for tools and equipment and can be customized to your unique requirement.



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